Budgeting for those who value every cent.

Effectively use your income, discover most essential expenses and build a habit of responsible spending.
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Financial freedom begins with managing your income today.
We need to decide what's most important for us, prepare for expenses upfront, save up for emergencies and discover new ways to reduce spending.
Decent Budget is all you need to make financially responsible choices.

Create budgets using last month's income

Choose what percent of your income should be allocated for various expenses and Decent Budget will calculate your budget automatically.

Highlight what matters most with essentials

Not everything we pay for is essential to our survival.
With essentials, you'll learn what part of your expenses were vital and how long you could survive if your income stops today.

Build a habit of responsible spending

To form a habit we need to do the work. Decent Budget offers no banking integrations; all transactions are created by hand. We believe this routine reduces impulse spendings and nurture a better sense of your finances.

Measure your progress with sensible metrics

To give number a meaning, you need to compare it with something. In Decent Budget, we compare spendings with last month (or year) to highlight your progress.
clock Recurring transactions
Decent Budget has a simple way to create periodic transactions automatically so you can save time and expect them in advance.
checklists Checklists
Stay organized by making a list of things-to-buy or bills-to-pay using the world's most simplest method.
vaults Vaults
Vaults are for storing funds for any future expenses. For example, you can save up for a vacation or start an emergency fund.
email Reconciliation reminders
To keep your finances in sync, we will remind you via email whenever you need to reconcile transactions.

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