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Decent Budget is all you need to use your income effectively and build a habit of responsible spending.

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Decent Budget
There's nothing better than to feel financially secure. Unfortunately, it seems earning more money is the only way to achieve that, which makes personal finances so stressful.
It doesn't have to be this way. Decent Budget is a personal finance and budgeting application that makes the most of your current income and brings calmness to your finances.

Create your own budgeting strategy

The key to successful budgeting is to only use last month's income. Decide how much of your income you're willing to spend for everyday things and budget will be prepared for you automatically.
Stay on budget when circumstances change. Withdraw funds to balance out your budget when you have unexpected expenses. This way you won't spend more than you have planned.
Save up money with simple planning. New budgets are always created using your last month's income. Stay cash flow positive and you'll be saving up money over time.

Essentials: for things that matter most

Not everything we buy is essential to our survival. In Decent Budget you can select categories that matter you most and track how much of your expenses were truly essential.
Spend less for non-essential things. Taking essentials into account when spending money forces you to think two steps ahead.
Be prepared when things get tough. Essentials will tell you how long you could survive living on essentials if your income stream stops today.

Measure your progress with sensible metrics

To give number a meaning you need to compare it with something. Decent Budget compares your expenses between different time frames and highlights your progress over time.
Discover your spending habits. Learn when and how much are you spending for every category and track your progress.
Track your expenses daily. Spendings by day will show you how fast are you spending money compared with last month.

Build a habit of responsible spending

To form a habit we need to do the work. In Decent Budget, we enter all transactions by ourselves. We believe this routine reduces impulse spending and nurture a better sense of your finances.
Quickly reconcile your transactions. It's important that your transactions reflect your bank statement. Quick amount-based reconciliation will save you time and keep everything in sync.
Use recurring transactions for repetitive expenses. For those transactions that can't be avoided or changed, you can use recurring transactions to make them appear automatically.

Why entering transactions manually?

Technology is great. It radically changed how we do things and made us more productive. But as good as it is, there's a side effect—when all work is done for us, we eventually lose awareness.
Personal finances are not something we can direct to the computer. There's no app that will fix your finances for you. If you're ready to solve this problem once and for all, begin from yourself.
Here are a few reasons why we encourage to enter every transaction by hand:
  • It reduces impulse spending
    When we need to regularly enter transactions, we're always reminded about our financial situation. The urge to buy something spontaneously will become harder.
  • It creates more awareness
    Ignoring our overspending doesn't make the problem disappear. Learning often our finances will bring the truth front and center.
  • No need to give away your bank credentials
    Not all banks allow to receive data on your behalf. Some use your bank credentials directly, which not only isn't safe, but it might be a breach of contract between you and your bank.
  • Available to everyone
    There are thousands of banks all around the world and no application can support them all. Entering transactions manually means that anyone in the world can use Decent Budget.
  • Transactions appear instantly you enter them
    It can take up to a few days for transactions to appear from your bank which is enough time to make a bad financial decision. Enter expense after it happens, and you'll always be on top of things.
  • Easier to split expenses
    Only you know your expense circumstances. You want to split dinner bill with your friends? Gotta wait a few days for transaction to appear. Not good!
  • Full control over naming and categorising
    Entering transactions by yourself allows you to name things how you want and select where goes what.

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